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Early Labor Warning Signs


Early Labor Warning Signs

If you have non-emergent questions, you can contact us via email on the patient portal found on our website at or call the office (817)-277-9415.

If you think you are in labor you can go straight to the hospital where you will be assessed by one of our expert hospital obstetrical nurses.  The nurse who evaluates you will always call the on-call physician to discuss your condition.  If you have questions after hours, you can call our answering service who will get in touch with the on-call physician.

Labor Warnings Or Signs Of A Problem

If you are having hard, regular contractions that are uncomfortable, occurring at least every 5 minutes for more than 2 hours then you should go to the hospital to be assessed by the nurse. Be sure to go

to Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital as this is the only hospital that WHS doctors work at.

If you think that your water has broken, you should go to the hospital.

If you feel like your baby is not moving, you can call the office during the daytime and we will work you in for a check.  If this happens at night, go to the hospital so the baby’s heart can be checked.

If you start having vaginal bleeding that is similar or heavier than a period, go to the hospital immediately.

If you have a new onset headache unrelieved by Tylenol, blurry vision or pain on your upper right side or spots in your vision call the office.

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