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Obstetrical Timeline


Obstetrical Timeline At Women’s Health Services

8-12 weeks: Sonogram appointment for confirmation of pregnancy and establishing of due date. Blood will be drawn and initial paper work filled out. This will not be an appointment with your doctor

10-12 weeks: First appointment with your physician, pelvic exam, Pap smear if due. Review labs. Visits are every month starting here. The monthly visits will include checking your weight, urine, blood pressure. It will also include checking the fetal heartbeat as well as monitoring the baby’s growth. Will discuss prenatal genetic testing that is available and what is recommended.

16-24 weeks: Continue with monthly visits. Blood testing for Spina Bifida is done. Anatomy sonogram is performed around 20-21 weeks.

26-32 weeks: You will do a 1 hour glucose tolerance test and a CBC. If your blood type is Rh negative, you will receive your shot of Rhogam. You should register with the hospital for your delivery and get your pertussis vaccination. You will start coming for visits every 2 weeks.

35-37 weeks: Group B Strep culture.
37-40 weeks: You will be seen weekly. Your doctor may do a cervical exam to check for dilatation.
If you think you are leaking fluid, or might be in labor, you can go to the hospital to be assessed by one of our Labor and Delivery nurses. Always go to Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital, as this is the only hospital that the doctors of WHS work at.

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