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Pregnancy is such an exciting time in a woman’s life, but it can also be incredibly stressful. At Women's Health Services in Arlington and Grand Prairie, Texas, you have access to some of the most highly sought-after obstetricians in the region, all of whom share a dedication to providing top-quality care during your journey to motherhood and beyond. Schedule an appointment online or by phone today to get started.

Pregnancy Q & A

What is prenatal care?

Prenatal care is the medical care a woman receives during pregnancy. It’s an essential part of a healthy and happy pregnancy, and that care provides a wide range of benefits for both mother and child. You should begin prenatal care as soon as you learn you’re expecting. In fact, many women begin seeing their OB/GYN even before they conceive to ensure their bodies are ready for the rigors of pregnancy and childbirth.

During your visits, your doctor gathers routine information about your health and will also track your baby’s development to ensure that things are moving along smoothly. Prenatal care also includes screening options to look for signs of genetic issues or potential complications. Ultrasounds and other tools help determine your due date and track your progress.

You’ll receive guidance on the importance of prenatal vitamins as well as how you can choose the best possible diet to give your body what it needs during pregnancy. Your doctor can also advise you on ways to get plenty of exercise without overtaxing your body.

Your prenatal visits are also your opportunity to ask questions or share any concerns you have. Each pregnancy is unique, and even women who have multiple children will encounter new aspects of pregnancy each time. Having a trusted medical advisor brings peace of mind and allows you to focus on preparing to welcome your newest family member.

What if I have a high-risk pregnancy?

If your pregnancy is categorized as high-risk, there is no need for distress. This designation simply means you’ll need to come in for more frequent prenatal visits. Your specialist has the skills and experience needed to manage a high-risk pregnancy and will advise you on the steps needed to keep both you and your baby healthy.

What happens if I experience a miscarriage?

Miscarriage is common in the early stages of pregnancy, although it’s a subject that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The obstetricians at Women’s Health Services are here to help you navigate a miscarriage.

Compassionate care and listening to your needs are critical parts of that process. Your doctor will take the time to explain how and why miscarriage happens and to guide you toward your next steps. Having that support can make it easier to cope with the loss of a pregnancy.

To learn more about the full scope of prenatal care, book an appointment today. Online scheduling is available, or you can always call to check appointment availability.