Three Ways To Ease Your Menstrual Cramps

One of the most annoying aspects of life for women is the regular problem with menstruation and especially menstrual cramps. You know how it is: sometimes the cramps and feelings of being bloated are so bad that you just want to curl up in your bed and not come out until your period is over. Bu
t there are three easy remedies to ease your menstrual cramps the next time you’re feeling like curling up and giving up (


One of the easiest ways to relieve cramps is with heat. Athletes will know that heat, when applied to muscles, causes the muscles to relax and stop contracting. Your cramps are caused by contracting muscles in your uterus. So get a heating pad and lay with it across your abdomen. If you don’t have one of these, a hot washcloth can help a little in a pinch.

Chamomile tea

Eastern medicine and more holistic healing methods are emphasizing the impact of herbs and herbal remedies. Chamomile is one of these and, when taken in tea form, it can help to increase your production of natural anti-inflammatory chemicals that can help with cramps.


We know, when you are on your period, exercise is the last thing you want to think about. But just a quick walk around the block can cause your body to produce more endorphins that can also aid in relieving cramps.

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